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Platform for organizations to let employees reserve desks at the office — How we founded and developed a free platform to help other businesses.


Project overview


  • Development
  • Marketing and SEO
  • Hosting
  • Requirements
  • Monitoring


  • Web (SaaS)
  • Non-profit


  • First release: August 2020


  • Discontinued


At the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic in The Netherlands, many organizations switched to working from home. As the epidemic subsided, the government relaxed some of the measurements. A lot of organization started shifting back to the office, allowing employees to be a couple of days a week to work at the office. And that's where WorkAt.Work chimes in! Using WorkAt.Work employees can reserve their desks in advance and can see what other desks are already reserved.

We at Peggir took initiative in realizing this project. We collaborated with other small companies in Arnhem (The Netherlands). Together we came up with requirements for the platform and a business plan. Given the circumstances we chose to make this an entirely free platform, that aims to be self-sufficient based on donations and sponsors.

Organizations can register and set up their own space themselves. In an organization space, the admin can add available desks and employees. The employees can make desk reservations and view insights about existing reservations and the capacity.

Since we made WorkAt.Work a free platform, we approached companies to sponsor us. These sponsors made the development of this project possible.

WorkAt.Work platform

Marketing and branding

There are several ways in which we market WorkAt.Work. Since it's a low budget project, we have to find creative ways to do so. We market using social media, ads and blogposts. We have three social media channels at the moment: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, where we post frequently. We also run ads on different channels, mainly Google, Twitter and LinkedIn. On our separate blog site, we post blog posts about WorkAt.Work. Thanks to our sponsors we were also able to create a promo video.

WorkAt.Work homepage