Online platform to practice car theory exams

How we developed and maintained TheorieGO for Dutch driving school EasyGo


  • Hosting
  • Monitoring
  • Software development


  • Web
  • Desktop, tablet and phone optimized


  • First release: August 2019
  • Continuous maintenance and development


July 2019 — Dutch driving school EasyGo had reached out to us with a platform idea they had. They wanted a platform to let customers practice car theory exams. We were exited to hear their idea and invited them over at the office.

Driving school EasyGo

At the office we fleshed out all requirements for the platform, and we made some very rough sketches. Based on this we knew exactly what to initially develop, and so we started. Developing the first version took about two months.

Task list

Letting students make exams

From the existing website from EasyGo students can order TheorieGO plans. When they do that, they automatically get a code afterwards. With this code they can sign in to TheorieGO. From their dashboard environment they can select exams to take. These include pre-defined exams and randomly generated exams. Random exams meet all official requirements for theory exams (in The Netherlands).

Customers can order TheorieGO plans from the existing website Customers can order TheorieGO plans from the existing website With the generated code, students can sign in to TheorieGO With the generated code, students can sign in to TheorieGO Practice car theory exam Practice car theory exam

Managing TheorieGO

Opposite to the customer side of the platform, TheorieGO needs to also be managed. The most important things are adding new questions, composing exams and managing all users. We made that possible, by adding a protected admin portal.

We designed the admin pages in such way that it is efficient to use. A/B testing with our client helped us find the best layout of the page.

Edit exam question page

We let admin compose exams themselves. Official exams have a certain order and need certain numbers of categorized questions in them. That's why we added some insight features. Our client gave us a lot of freedom in implementing these admin pages, that's why we came up with certain idea's and suggested it to the client, who responded positively.

Compose exam page

Hosting and continued development

The first version was finished after about two months. For this project we also handled the hosting, maintenance, monitoring and adding new features. We set up a server and hosted the web application on it with monitoring tools. Monitoring tools allow us to monitor the application and detect errors or downtime, in real-time.

Monitoring TheorieGO