E-mail tracking tool for marketeers

How we fully developed a growing platform used by small companies worldwide


  • Communication
  • Hosting
  • Marketing
  • Monitoring
  • Requirements
  • Software development


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  • First release: July 2019
  • Continuous maintenance and development


PastePixel is a platform that marketeers can use to track their sent mails and urls. They get insights about when and where their mail gets opened. It is a freemium platform, meaning that there both is a free and paid, premium plan.

PastePixel hero image

PastePixel is founded, developed and managed by Peggir. We came up with all requirements, developed it and marketed it to the public. Ever since its release it keeps growing in customers, and we keep adding new features.

PastePixel sketch of the flow

Branding and design

For the branding and design of PastePixel we reached out to a specialized company, Studio Lizix. They managed to come up with a representative logo, design and mascots that we wanted (those alien minions).

One of the designs that we later on implemented One of the designs that we later on implemented

We came up with the rough idea of the landings page to show exactly what PastePixel is and what it can be used for. We implemented the design that we got later on.

PastePixel landings page


We made PastePixel such that it can be used for free or as a premium user with additional features.

Different PastePixel plans

E-mail tracking

We gave PastePixel powerful e-mail tracking insights, with the option to export all data. With the help of PastePixel, marketeers can analyze their effectiveness and adapt to it.

PastePixel e-mail tracking insights